Advanced System for Fixation and Decalcification of Bone Tissues

Accurate and reliable diagnostic results for morphology and molecular studies

Milestone’s BoneSTATION consists of two work platforms complete with glass modules for fixation/decalcification. The front platform, used for the decalcification step, features a heating plate with infrared sensors for automatic temperature control up to 50°C and magnetic stirring. The rear platform, for the fixation step, has built-in magnetic stirring only. Two user-friendly work platforms, for easy handling of bone specimens, complete the unit.

BoneSTATION can be used with any type of fixative/decalcifier, even with strong mineral acids such as HCl – HNO3, as all contact surfaces are either glass or PTFE polymer

Decalcification of Bone Marrows

While mineral acids offer a faster decalcification rate, their protocols are more time/temperature sensitive and processed specimens are not optimal for molecular studies. A recent report demonstrates that in this case, recovery of nucleic acids is dramatically reduced.

For this reason, Milestone favors the use of either formic acid or EDTA as “soft” decalcifiers, as they are more suitable for molecular studies. Longer decalcification times are reduced by the optimized agitation and temperature management featured in the BoneSTATION.



    Any bone tissue, any solution.
    Closed vessels and fume condensation covers.
    Standard and documented procedure.
    30 bone marrows can be fixed and decalcified in the morning run.
    No down time for maintenance or cleaning.
    The USB port enables you to update the software and the download event logs.


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