CytoScan™ HRP Detection System


CytoScan HRP Detection System

CytoScan™ HRP Detection System allows for the demonstration of tissue antigens in paraffin embedded tissue, cryostat sections, cytosmears, and cell preparations.  The increased sensitivity of the System allows for rapid staining procedures without compromises in the quality of stains. HRP Detection Systems are suitable for use with mouse or rabbit primary antibodies.  Kits are optimized for use with Cell Marque primary antibodies, however they are universal kits and therefore will work equally well with other vendors’ primary antibodies.

Kits contain: HRP streptavidin label and polyvalent biotinylated link.�Both components are buffered with PBS containing proteins, stabilizers, and a non-azide anti-microbial.

1 ml each link and label 951D-10
50 ml each link and label 951D-20
200 ml each link and label 951D-30


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CytoScan™ HRP Detection System