PD-L1 Analyte Control DR


PD-L1 Analyte ControlDR

PD-L1 Analyte ControlDR consists of four different cell lines with PD-L1 expression levels of negative, low, medium, and high. Ideal for use as a same slide control for PD-L1 to demonstrate the sensitivity of the assay and improve confidence in the result.

PD-L1, also known as CD274 and B7 homolog 1 (B7-H1), is a checkpoint regulator in immune cells, it is expressed on immune or non-hematopoietic cells. Expression of the protein is seen during pregnancy where it has a role in supressing the immune system. PD-L1 induces an inhibitory signal in activated T-cells and promotes T-cell apoptosis. It is overexpressed in a number of different cancers where it is believed to play a significant role in the cancer’s ability to evade the immune system.


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PD-L1 Analyte Control DR