Progesterone Receptor Analyte Control DR


Progesterone Receptor Analyte ControlDR

Progesterone Receptor Analyte ControlDR completes the dynamic range of breast markers offered from HistoCyte. This product contains four cores, offering a range of expression for PR: negative, low, medium, and high.

The low (cell line B) and medium (cell line C) provide a suitable array of cells with varying expression that easily demonstrate whether the assay is running at a suitable sensitivity in the laboratory.


  • Cells are fixed in 10% neutral buffered formalin and paraffin wax embedded.
  • Pre-cut sections are cut at 4µm, mounted on positively charged slides and baked overnight at 37°C.
  • Cell microarrays (CMA) contain cores that are 2mm in diameter and 3-3.5mm in length. It is possible to obtain over 300-400 sections depending on thickness.


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Progesterone Receptor Analyte Control DR