TBS IHC Wash Buffer + Tween® 20


TBS IHC Wash Buffer + Tween® 20

Tris Buffered Immunohistochemistry wash buffer + Tween® 20 is a 20X concentrated solution that is employed to rinse reagents off slides and to provide a medium for short-term storage of immunohistochemistry specimens in between application of reagents.  When diluted, the ready to use solution is a 50mM Tris buffered solution with a pH range of 7.6±0.1.

Wash Buffers are used to rinse away reagents between steps of immunohistochemical staining protocols.  This solution helps maintain the morphological characteristics of the antibodies and their respective epitopes, in order to facilitate the specific binding necessary in an immunohistochemical reaction.  Tween® 20 is added to promote effective washing and to prevent non-specific background staining.

200 mL concentrate 935B-06
1000 mL concentrate 935B-09


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TBS IHC Wash Buffer + Tween® 20